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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  January 3, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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judge up next the search for missing college student shane montgomery comes to an end. plus a seven year old girl survives a plane crash and >> five weeks of hoping and
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praying for the best it, all comes to an end today in manayunk body of missing college student shane montgomery has been pulled from the schuylkill river. >> shane's body found just before noon near sheers lane. fox 29's dave kinchen live in manayunk tonight dave, you've been on top of this story since it first broke. >> that's right, we spoke with shane's mother, tonight obviously they're just heart broken, the family has been so strong really relying on the media over the course of the last five weeks but tonight their hearts are simply breaking. >> a tearful embrace by the mother and aunt of shane montgomery after investigators revealed the body of the missing 21 year old was found in the schuylkill river behind the manayunk brew public, discovery made by the garden state under water recovery team. where he was was about waist deep. >> divers say they were in the water by about nine a.m. and found the west chester university senior just before noon bringing closure devastated family. >> that's why we do this.
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it is just finds families' loved ones and bring them back to them. >> today we did what we promised, found and brought shane home, thanking divers investigators, and search volunteers. shane went missing more than five weeks ago after leaving kildare's irish pub early thanksgiving morning getting separated from his friends. his family's heartache grew with each passing day. >> the suffering is unimaginable, and my sister, my brother-in-law, and all of us we are -- our hearts are shooter. >> divers scoured the waters on numerous occasions. >> we were out on a friday, then sunday after that, then next sunday, and today. >> but no major breaks until shane's keys were found last month, changes in river visibility, hampering search effort at times until today. >> if there is no visibility, everything is by touch if there is some visibility, it is eyes and touch.
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>> and a mid the sadness there is an investigation that continues the medical examiner is working on a cause of death that has not yet been released at this time. joyce? >> dave, thank you. well, day after day for nearly five weeks as dave told us, searches had been out searching for shane montgomery, it began early thanksgiving morning. >> twenty-one year old shane montgomery was last seen at a baron main street in manayunk. >> the mystery started just before 2:00 a.m. on november 27th. shane had been out with friends, for the night but he never made it home. it wasn't until the morning that shane's family new something wasn't right. he was no where to be found for thanksgiving dinner. >> nobody saw anything. that bothers me, that nobody saw anything, as thanksgiving day went on, small search party scoured manayunk, but there was no trace of shane. by dawn, the next day hundreds of volunteers and
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police search more than 400 acres and there was a candlelight vigil along the manayunk canal just feet away from where shane was last seen. >> i miss my son. i want to hold him. he's my babe. >> i more than ten days passed before police found a major clue. investigators say surveillance video from nail salon captured shane walking toward a parking lot that leads to the schuylkill river. over the following weeks shane's family and volunteers fanned out across philadelphia. from center city, to lincoln financial field searches spread the word and handed out thousands of flyers. but still no sign of shane. >> around here nobody's letting it die. you got the green ribbons. you see -- i was all the way up in norristown today you see missing posters of him there. >> major break in the case came on december 21, the garden state underwater recovery unit found shane's keys along the bank of the
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river. the keys were found not far from where surveillance video spotted the 21 year old on the night he disappeared. shane's family spent christmas and new years right there along that river. the family says they spent every day searching alongside police and volunteer unit. >> he's our son, and i won't ever stop looking for shane ever. >> never give up hope. never, never give up hope. >> and of course, late this morning, divers located a body at the bottom of the schuylkill river right near the manayunk brewery and restaurant. shane's mom and dad say their son. we'll have continuing coverage on air and on line of the discovery of shane month montgomery's body g to, to see pictures of shane and divers spent weeks looking for shane. >> we have this chilly rain that was falling all day long, taking a live look outside on
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market street, it has been cold and damp evening. tomorrow completely different story, caitlin's off dom cane is in. what can we expect? >> we can expect some very warm temperatures. in the 60s tomorrow, unfortunately we'll still have the rain. this massive system is still around, a warmfront is pushing through now so the rain showers are going to continue overnight, and even through much of your sunday. here's a look right now were getting little break-in philadelphia, out to the northwest, still dealing with a little bit of freezing rain. but that will be ending within the neck couple of hours as temperatures are actually going to go up. new batch of showers this is pretty heavy one coming out of baltimore, that will be making its way into the philadelphia area over the next hour. so we will definitely have some heavy showers as we approach midnight. here is a look at the temperatures right now. and you can see this line from mount pocono, all the way down to lancaster that's where we're still fairly cool. so we'll have some freezing rain still there. but, temperatures are going to go up over the next couple of
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hours. so everybody will be in the all rain zone by midnight. and it will stay that way right through sunday. so here's your wake up forecast, 49 in the city, at 7:00 a.m. it will be 44 in the suburbs. we'll have clouds, showers around drastically warmer tomorrow, than today highs will make it into the 60s and then the bottom drops out. real cold around here for the work week. a lot to talk about. we'll do so coming up in just a bit. karen, joyce? >> sounds good, thank you so much dominica. we look forward to. that will we do have so many families right now left out in the cold on a terrible day night, fire ripped through their homes this happened in southwest philadelphia. right now they don't have anything. this is a fire that broke out on the 2200 block of south 68th street last evening three people were hurt, sabina kuriakose there at the scene smoke with the victims about the terrifying ordeal, to jump from windows, and when they're dealing with now.
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>> clad in pajamas slippers, red cross blankets, only clothes on their backs, the victims of late night fast moving fire that gutted three row homes in southwest philadelphia, return to survey the damage. >> i don't even know, hopeless. >> one of several liberian immigrant families living in these homes along the 2200 block of south 68th street skyfox over the scene as fire tore through the buildings just after 9:00 friday night. police say several people had to be rescued others left from -- lept from the roof to safety. >> i lost my house. >> ernest really's 70 year old grandfather, among three people who were hurt. >> it is not easy to just end area new year, a difficult situation like this. >> the red cross says eight families are without a roof over their heads. twenty-eight people in all including small children, as young as a one year old. the fire burned so hot, you can see where it melted the
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headlight of the cars park along the street. this morning residents came back to salvage whatever they could. >> three homes are a total lost. no word yet on a cause of the fire. a mid the charred ruins, a beacon of light. bible, among the only items to survive the fire. sabina kuriakose, "fox 29 news". a 25 year old man is dead after being shot once in the head investigators say, it happened just after 7:00 this evening, on the 5400 block of delancey street. investigators say the man was shot inside of a car he died there at the scene. police have not made any arrests. and that's what we know. >> a shooting in camden sends a man to the hospital. police don't have many details yet, but it happened just after 5:30 tonight on mt. ephraim avenue and division street. the man was shot several times. there is no word on his condition or motive for the
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shooting. bizarre chain every events under investigation in camden county where a man shot his ex-girlfriend, her father, then he killed himself. it all ended here outside cooper hospital in camden where police say the 23 year old man shot himself in the parking lot. started around 3:00 this morning, when the woman found all her tires had been flat inched. she called her father for a ride. police say marcus johnson drove up the side the father's car and shot his ex-girlfriend right through the window in her head and her father in the leg. the woman's father drove to the hospital, johnson went there, too and he killed himself. tonight his exgirlfriends is in critical condition her father is stable. >> and thousands have turned out for the wake of new york city police officer wenjian liu. he died two weeks ago when a gunman shot and killed him and his partner, rafael ramos dan bowen was therefore the very
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emotional service. >> our thoughts and prayers go to the wenjian liu family and to the entire nypd family. >> governor andrew cuomo among those paying respects for detective wenjian liu. >> there is a hole in my heart that i fear will be therefore ever. but today is about the wenjian liu family. >> the governor saying the murders of wenjian liu and partner rafael ramos two weeks ago, calming tensions. >> the garner family went through pain. the ramos family went through pain. now the wenjian liu family going through pain. it is time for us to move on and to heal. >> healing, moving on, message shared by mayor bill de blasio and bill brat on, as they enters the funeral home together officers saluted, a gesture of respect coming after brat on issued an internal memo urging rang and file not to turn their backs toward the mayor as hundreds of them did at ramos' funeral
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just last week. wenjian liu, 32 years old was recently married. his fellow officers from the 84th precincts, among the first to arrive in their crisp dressed blues, joining with law enforcement from around the country and many resident here to honor the fallen officer. >> nothing that we wouldn't do for other nypd, chicago anywhere down to florida something like this happens it is important for the public to know that all police officers will stand together. >> i want them to realize there has been so much rhetoric on tv about how bad the police; i want them to realize that all walks of life these are good officers? funerals expected to be a symbol of the city's diversity, will blends budist along with long standing trade agent cents of nypd funeral in addition to the police commissioner and mayor fbi director james expected to attend. dan bowen, fox5 news. >> and amazing story of survival.
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a seven year old girl is the only one to survive a plane crash. as she managed to walk to a house a mile away. hear from the man who opened the door to find the devestated little girl pleading for help. >> plus tourist was going on adventure. so he thought oh, he got an adventure, dangling 80 feet above las vegas how he ended up in that scary spot. >> and the christmas tree is stolen from the grave of a little girl. why the thief said he swiped it on new years eve.
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an amazing story of survival. a seven year old little girl, from kentucky, walks away from a plane crash that left several other dead. police say the disoriented little child made it to a strangers home after a long walk and told him about the accident. >> short time later investigators found the investigators four bodies inside. fox's will car has the story. >> seven year olds girl is out of the hospital after surviving a small plane crash which killed her parents sister and cousin. it happened friday night in a rural part of western kentucky. police say the piper pa34 was flying to mount vernon, illinois from tallahassee florida whether it went down. somehow, the seven year old managed to walk away from the wreckage bloodied, shoe less crying, she walk about a mile through the dark woods to larry wilkins' house. >> she said: mom and dad are dead. we a plane crash and the plane's upside down. >> wilkins called 911 and tried to clean up the girl the best he could before
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paramedics arrived. >> brave little girl, now i'm praying for her she's lost everything, both her parent are gone. >> police say the pilot reported engine trouble and had lost contact with air traffic controllers. investigators from the federal aviation administration on the scene saturday getting their first look at the wreckage in the daylight. >> always bad when there is loss of life, especially near the holidays especially when it is a family. >> first responders saying the crash hits close to home. >> i have a eight year old child myself. when i saw this appeared to be seven year old child that had walked through this dense forest and survived this, i mean, it is just real a miracle. >> authorities identified the girls parent as marty and killer beerily, suburb every st. louis where they had life-long roots n los angeles will car fox news. >> one person is dead, another is hurt, in a house explosion in illinois. firefighters were called to a home 40 miles outside chicago.
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this was on friday afternoon and as you can see, there is very little left of the house. neighbors say the blast knocked items off their shelves and walls and the community is devastated. >> it was big. i mean, i have some windows that are blown out. it is loud, loud, just amazing how quickly a house can get leveled. >> it was snowing inch lanes. just unbelievable. >> i saw the fire start and it went really fast. the fire was within minute out the roof, out the back of the house, out all the windows. >> and there is still no word yet on the cause that far explosion. a pioneer in us government has died. former massachusetts senator edward brook, was the first african-american to be elected to the senate since reconstruction. he was republican who served from 1967 to 1979 before his life in politics he served in the army during world war ii,
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earned a bronze star for his combat in italy. during his career he turned down various cabinet posts opportunities from president richard nixon edward brook was 95 years old. >> vacation is wrapping up for president obama as he heads back to work, there are some challenges ahead of him this year working with the new republican-led congress. fox's dan springer is with the president and he has the story from hawaii. >> reporter: after two weeks of r and r in hawaii, president owe bamm is packing up from his annual christmas trip and headed back to the white house, greeted by new congress, both the house and senate now controlled by republicans. one of the first items on their list is a new vote on the keystone xl pipeline. it is an issue the president has been critical of. >> president should use this as an opportunity to compromise with the new leadership. >> but expert say keystone vote might be a wasted effort. >> yes republicans have control of congress. but they don't have the 67 vote needed for a super majority, in order to get past
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the veto that he is expected to do. >> one day after congress is sworn in, the president is heading back out on the road. he is planning stops in michigan arizona and tennessee, to highlight his economic policies, ahead of the state of the union address. all this as a new gallop pole shows americans think government is the biggest problem facing the country not the economy. >> it has been a costly experience, where americans now know government plaza role in every aspect of our lives. and i think they're a little afraid that president obama will not work with the republican congress. >> at least trying do something about the problems that face each of just our every day lives. that's what the government needs to do to get the people's trust. and selling out to wall street banks is not the way to do it. >> the president spending his last day on the hawaiian beach, the first family flies back to washington sunday. in honolulu, traveling with the president dan springer, fox news. bottom dollar super margaret getting ready to close for good in less than two weeks there is will be so hard for so many people who do
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not have a lot of supermarket choices in their neighborhoods. this chain plans to have all 66 locations in both philadelphia and pit burying closed by january 15th, including one we're looking at right there brewerytown. there are 40 or so in our area. the company was bought by another super marked chain aldi. they plan to expands its operations in this country but has not committed re-opening any of those specific bottom dollar stores. most of them are neighborhoods where there are few super markets. >> took a toll on me, because they just opened up, ain't been open that long, and then closing so early it takes a toll on people, you know, people looking forward for it. >> so people in the community are affected also those that work there. there are more than 2,000 workers who will be losing their jobs being offered severance and employment service. >> student spent the day gearing up for their economic or academic futures more than
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600 teens parent, mentors, on hand for a conference call blastoff to college and beyond. on drexel university's campus. the program dealt with issues related to academics and personal success. student were able to learn all about the college application process, financial aid and you got a chance to speak with current college student. >> i think what we want to do is really set the tone for the year. we really want them to know whatever grade level they're in whether they are a freshman or college seen year what they really need to know for the rest of the year to make sure that they are doing the best that they can in high school and stay on the path to college. >> and this is the 15th year for the program sponsored by philadelphia futures. it helps first generation college students prepare for higher education. >> coming up on "fox 29 news" at 10:00 a bobcat ends up stuck inside the grill after car. the animals wild ride, how he
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ended up there in the first place. >> and we have a doctor in our house. doctor mike is joining the fox 29 weekend morning gang tomorrow morning to take your flu questions, i know you're awake, i see you on twitter use the #fox29weekend. we will answer your questions live tomorrow 8:00 to 9:00 a.m. plus, new year, new beer. joe six pack has the hot new beer trends. for get that fancy pant wine tour. this year is beer tours all the rage.
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it was supposed to be an adventure, and it was an adventure all right. a tourist got stuck 80 feet above the grounds for an hour dangling from a las vegas zip line. the 40-dollar ride promises to fly thrill seekers over the freemont street experience. this guide was stuck for more than an hour yesterday afternoon. they finally got him down, obviously, firefighters working, trying to figure this whole thing out. >> bobcat gets trapped inside one of the most unlikely of places. it managed to find its way inside the grill of a car. see him peaking through there? happened in scottsdale, arizona the driver of the vehicle says he was traveling along at close to 50 miles an hour, when he hit a large cat. aj michaels thought that he had killed the cat. however, he stopped to check out to see whatever damage was there, that's when he saw the
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bobcat stuck in the grill peering out at him. >> you have a wild animal, a lynx, and you have the fact that it had basically not used up any of its nine lives which is a miracle. >> really is. look at that, aside from being a bit startled, the bobcat was not even seriously hurt. >> amazing. there was a christmas tree that was stolen from a little girl eights grave right off her tombstone. but there was something on it that led police right to the thief. why he says he snatched the decoration on new years eve. >> and a cold snap on the west coast, of course, space heaters, and warm coats selling out fast. but there is another item that's flying off store shelves, and it might surprise you. dominica? >> we'll get a break from the cold temperatures getting to the 60s tomorrow, but still talking about rain. break on the radar earlier. that rain starting to fill back in. i'll gave you a look at your
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>> welcome back, look at this, looking live at the poconos pretty scene out there now lots of snow, and it will be coal enough to make plenty more next week. the frigid blast in our forecast coming up in just minutes. >> the airasia flight 8501 lost in bad weather killing 162 people apparently didn't have permission to fly in the first place. >> meantime, search teams have continued to recover and find more bodies and wreckage off the coast of indonesia with four large pieces of the plane being identified just today. alex rossi has that. >> reporter: each day more bodies are being recovered. there is now a daily funeral procession, as the victims are flown ashore before being taken to a hospital for identification. the search teams have now located large parts of the wreckage on the bottom of the
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java sea. the bad weather continues to hamper the operation. it is peak monsoon season, and high winds and heavy rain are whipping through the crash sites. >> should be able to issue the preliminary part within one month time, and then from that on we continue to do the investigation and analysis and to we should be able to issue the final report in one year time. >> we know that airasia flight 8501 took off from the airport in indonesia, bound for airport in singapore. indonesia's transport ministry is now saying that it didn't have a permit to fly that day. this was its expected flight path, 42 minutes into the journey at 32,000 feet air traffic control reported the plane missing. officials say contact was lost
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somewhere between island didn't sends distress signal. we know the pilot made a request to deviate from the flight path to avoid bad weather. but that request was refused because of heavy air traffic. this is the search area, large pieces of wreckage have now been found. >> it does look fairly probable that the severe weather was a factor, pretty unusual, well, very unusual for that to cause a structural failure. but systems failure is another matter. >> the first funerals are taking place, the chief executive tony fernandez attending this service for one of the flight attendants. he also faces questions as to why the plane didn't have a permit to fly on the day it crashed. alex rossi sky news. >> philadelphia police need your help right now to try and
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finds a missing 36 year old man. let's take a look at a picture of him. his name was castiano cruz last seen north park avenue. not clear when he went miss willing. police say he suffers from schizophrenia, may be in the vicinity of rosehill and allegheny avenue. if you have any idea where he is, if you see him please call police. >> delaware state police looking for two men for forging counterfeit checks. investigators say roger boys and barry simmons cashed fake checks at dover area banks there is happened back in november investigators say they cashed checks worth more than $4,000. >> brides were able to shop nor their big day shop for very important cause at the same time. nationwide tour brides against breast cancer was at the clarion hotel women had an opportunity to not only buy designer gowns at discounted prices but the proceeds went to support cancer patient and their families.
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dresses in all shapes and sizes on hand ranking in price from, get this, $75 to $4,000. >> obviously a lot of brides got engaged over the holidays, christmas, new years and we wanted to provide a quality product at discounted price and obviously raising funds and and awareness for those suffering cancer? last year more than a million dollars was raise today help people impacted by cancer. >> well, man steels a decorative christmas tree from a little girl's grave site. >> really was not what he was expecting, because that tree was equipped with a gps tracker. john manahan has the story. >> i just picked it up took it. >> the 57 year old jerry admits to fox 25 he took this christmas tree from the grave of a little girl. sergeant william's daughter, who died of brain cancer, when she was only seven. >> it is beyond me why anybody would do, that i don't understand it at all. >> this isn't the first time a
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tree went missing from the grave. each of the last four years the tree also went missing. >> we decorate her grave site every year for every holiday. >> so this year the police chief put a gps on the tree. and on new years eve when it was taken they found it at jerry's home. his reason for taking it? >> it was there getting the end of december, i thought within the week they start clearing things out, it it was the only tree they had there. bad decision. >> decision that really hurt the sergeant. >> i don't know why he selected my daughter's grave to be the one that he's going to victimize. i'm confident he did it in the past. i can't proof that but i'm confident that did he. >> he denies he took the other trees, and says he regrets taking this one. >> but it was a bad decision, okay, i mean, you know, i apologize to him. >> however after four years of missing trees that apology
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fell on deaf ears. >> tonight the ornaments from this year's tree are safe. so is his daughter's tree. home, with his family, where sergeant says it belongs. >> absolutely amazing. this is also amazing. a family of five, and their dog, enjoy living in a million dollars home. and it is not costing them a dime. their gutsy move that left the new neighbors absolutely shocked. >> movie-goers get a lot more action than they paid for when a huge fight breaks out in a movie theater, what social media had to do with the complete
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lots of action at this movie theater. more than 200 teens get into massive fight out there in ohio, it happened friday evening in a cleveland suburb during the showing after film, called the woman in black two employees at the theater actually just stopped the movie and asked them to get out of the theater tune leave. then they just take the fight and move it outside to the lobby. >> social media had a part to play in this, where they convinced the teenage tears
10:40 pm
come down here with this movie, i think it is a woman in black part two and that was the reason for them coming down here. >> it is not clear if police made any arrests there had been no reports of any injuries or property damage. >> all right there is one it is just -- a million dollars home in maryland. >> yes former hedge funds manager, his wife, three kids, and pet dog all moved into a five bedroom house in bethesda. now, that's just outside washington d.c. it has a gourmet kitchen hot turns, custom closets t went on the market in may for more than a million dollars. and neighbors say the family introduced themselves as the new owners, and they even wanted to host get together with the community. >> the lock had been drilled. if they had moved into the house, they had been there about three days, even
10:41 pm
scheduled some sort of entertainment with neighbors. >> a lot of guts, right? well the family was discovered after the property's real owner pulled into the driveway. that father is now facing several charges. >> all right, false advertising, or consumer quirks. apple face as lawsuit over the storage capacity on many of its most popular products. the new lawsuit accuses the tech giant of promising more storage space than it actually provides. the suit claims apple doesn't deliver on the 16 gigabytes of digital storage that it promises for it iphones and ipads. chase claims apple software eats up space advertised, apple's argument, all get five giga by the of free storage on i cloud. coming up the heart-warming story of twin sisters who spent 909 years together. why the relatives are calling the way
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>> young stars walking the red
10:45 pm
carpet and posing for the cameras tonight in old city. it was a red carpet albumn release party for 18, teenage musicians, who have special needs. >> tonight they experienced that rock star treatment. they were prepped by stylists, and they arrived to the event of course in limo. >> each other's side through trick and twins, twin sisters from missouri died hours apart, both passed on christmas day. >> one of the most remarkable stories of this day. family members same the twin sisters depended on each other and stayed in that same home, until their deaths. >> homemaker, her twin sister marquis dixon worked at a clothing store in the credit department for 18 years, prior to his retirement. >> 1924, bear springs, tennessee. both live in the metro east in their home together before their death.
10:46 pm
>> mission them dearly. they had a bond, like no other. they fought like sisters. they loved each other like sisters. >> they both died christmas morning, within two hours what, 15 minutes apart. >> ironically the twins married two brothers, one of the brother had to change the spelling of his last name so co-re-enlist in the military. died at her home as the song santa baby was playing on christmas day. >> my dad passed away, never really talk about him but kept asking me have you found me a man yet. and i toll her two weeks ago i said, mom if you are really good maybe santa will bring you one for christmas. and he d he took her home to my dad. >> and the family says although they died on christmas, it sends a powerful message, that the twins started their story together, and they wanted to ends together. >> twins, to go out on the same day like that, two hours apart, it is almost like one had to take the step to pass. and then help the other one get through that.
10:47 pm
>> it is hard. >> how much there is was the christmas miracle that our family needed for it to happen together. >> not only peaceful, but broken hearted at the same time. >> just amazing story. >> it just is. what else can you say about it? >> true love. just true love. you know? ninety years old amazing lives. this is something in the weather department. you don't see very often. cold area, california. >> bay area is getting hit with a cold snap t has everybody all bundled up. residents have been feeling those colder temperatures all week long, the weather has people flocking, i mean, running out to their local hardware stores, popular items, space heaters of course wood, and even ant bathe? >> ants really like to come in when it is really cold. so normally traditional december-january, any type when it is cold, saw a lot of
10:48 pm
antbait. stocking stores three, four times a day. >> residents can expect at least one more day and night of icy temperatures. and, i think that some colder temperatures are heading our way, once we get past all the rainy stuff. >> we will be warmer, could be warm nerve part of california tomorrow. let's get to t show you the headlights a lot to talk b we have tomorrow to get some first, and that's going to be another day of rain. tonight, the rain is going to continue, the temperatures are going to be rising, so you'll wake up, and it will be fairly mild out there. tomorrow, it is showers not steady rain, but showers possibly some thunderstorms with near record warmth coming in. temperatures will make it well into the 60s and then there is the arctic blast it, comes by tuesday gets really cold around here specially wednesday and thursday, it will be some cold days. here is a look at ultimate doppler. rain coming in from the south starting to fill n now looking
10:49 pm
at heavy rain from wilmington, pushing into philadelphia, even seeing that move through lancaster right now. heavy rain continues to push up to the northeast see it widespread over the next couple of hours. taper off tomorrow. still have this whole mess to get through. warmfront pushing through now then the cold front comes through tomorrow. that will bring more rain and some cooler temperatures, behind it. but first things first. here is a look at fox future cast showing us rain coming through after midnight. now does start to break up in the morning. we'll have another round of showers move through in the morning, and then just more on and off spot showers during the day. so it is not a wash out. but we could definitely have a thunderstorm move through. temperatures will be very mild ahead of the cold front that moves through. county by county temperatures, coolest temperatures up to the northwest, not that cold. already seeing 50's, 34 right now in mount pocono, it is 36
10:50 pm
in allentown the temperatures are rising, pretty quickly. forty-three in philadelphia, this is our high, for today it is 35 in doylestown, and then off to the shore seeing temperatures in the low 50's. cape may. here is a look at the future cast temperatures. pretty interesting. we roll through the morning temperatures will be going up, by 2:00 looking at 65 in the city. temperatures running 20, 25 degrees above normal for this time of the year. >> fifty-five, still pretty mild but beyond that temperatures will start to fall, then it is back to reality by monday. >> it will stay mild, temperatures will be in the low 40's, lower in the city, upper 30's, in the suburbs. and then tomorrow, 66 for the high. showers, thunderstorms, during the afternoon and then that tapers off in the evening. it will turn cold and windy
10:51 pm
by monday, 40 degrees, and then we get to the real cold stuff by wednesday temperatures 29, 22 on thursday that's going to be one of the colder days this season. >> big coats after tomorrow. keith russell sports. >> yes, joyce. the flyers have to be feeling thank goodness we're coming home. day forgetting college hoops. nfl playoffs are underway. we'll tell you how the birds have
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>> remember how bad the eagles beat the carolina painters guess who is going to the second rounds? carolina panthers. the cardinals biggest play may have been this 1 yard td, 78 yards, few ers ever in any playoff game. granted they had a third string quarterback panthers had their first stringer. cam newton with this pass to false i. who would name their kid fozzy? and last name bear? fozzy? first ever playoff win, 27 to 16. carolina on to the next round. be on the road in seattle or greenbay. next weekend. steelers and ravens on the field right now. baltimore has never beaten pit burying in the playoffs, may be about to change. ravens lead, 23 to 15, and the
10:55 pm
fourth quarter. now, the cowboys take the field tomorrow, right here on fox 29, at 4:30, after taking the division from the eagles. last time they won a playoff game 2010, who was that against? the birds. >> tony romo's only playoff win, chance to change that tomorrow against detroit. the eagles will be watching that game, thinking what could have been for chip kelly what still can be, now in complete control over anything involving the players who plays, who stay, who leaves, who gets traded, who gets trade dollars for the draft. you get the point. game day analyst darwin walker said giving him all the power is not real that i risky. when you think about it. >> this league, nfl not for lodge. if your not successful, you will not be there. he will be gunned, as nfl coach, or as an eagle coach if he is not successful in a
10:56 pm
reasonable amount of time. in some sense, you can look at it as a very low risk thing because three years from now chip kelly hasn't made the playoffs and not continuing in the superbowl he's fired and done anyway. >> simple as that. the flyers wrapping up their a game road trip. captain claude decided to rest tonight after escaping what could have been a season ending injury. tonight the flyers get hurt by a former teammate. jagr still playing and not just playing playing well. tonight leads to a win over the flyers, skeeing three of the five at age 42, jagr is the oldest player in nhl history to ever get a hat trick. flyers come home after getting handed their hat for the fifth straight game. college basketball, sane joe's falls to zero and one lasalle o and one drexel o and one will one local school win in college basketball? no. nova trying to start 14 and zero for the first time in history.
10:57 pm
seton hall opens on a run daniel keeps them in the game. twenty-four rebounds, game goes to over time. nova, chance to tie but this is not going to cut it. nova falls for the first time 66-61. >> not a good day for anyone. >> the in the ear of sports. >> yes. >> eagles not playing, everybody
10:58 pm
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